Life is learning and learning is effort and persistence. So, you win if you stay!

We have gone through a little reflection about natural reactions to things or feelings, and about rational thinking about observations and how they can influence each other and they need to balance each other in the complex ecosystem of life for it to work properly.

Maybe you have realized that a being only lead by feelings can be similar to a selfish spoiled kid, and being only lead by rational thought can make us become similar to a cold machine, where some humanity is somehow overlooked. The key is to be able to handle an equilibrium. To discern and to not judge what is right or wrong, to try. To balance, to keep peace of mind. To not harm anyone, even ourselves.

Apart from this, there is no best decision.

And, what else do we learn apart from the rules in the process of growing, apart from being taught how to behave and work... how do we learn? It is order and routine and repetition what usually teaches us, it is persistence and hard work what actually polishes the diamond out of …

Human nature as THOUGHTS - what kind of person are you? :-O

Slowly you little baby learnt how to do things "right" and "wrong" , stopped crying when hungry to just say it with words "this way they can understand you better and quicker", stopped taking random naps on top of your relatives' lap "they would feel uncomfortable" "I am too old now", started doing this and that and even blaming yourself for when things were not as expected. This way, the voice of reason comes and "civilizes" you.

Then, at some point of your life you start sayin to yourself "I like to eat a cool piece of chocolate cake with exactly 15 colorful sprinkles on top and a spoon of heavy cream at exactly 3:30 am and I am definitely not ashamed of it. This is the right way for me. This is me."

And you start making decisions, no matter what, because your reason tells you there is nothing wrong in doing the things you do. "Whatever lets you sleep at night", or "if it makes you happy" a…

Human nature as FEELINGS - What were you thinking about?

For now, you might have thought that if being happy is the only purpose of your life, where do other people stand in this? What about helping others in need? What about mercy and companionship? What about love, family and friendship? You are probably debating between the need to be selfish to achieve happiness and you need to communicate, help and share with others.

But the real question here is: do all those "good" things make you happy? No? Well, this is a question only you can answer. You don't need to feel embarrassed about your answer, we are a little family here and you can confess us anything.
So if yes, why yes? And if no, why not? You will not be judged here, but by yourself. Does that make sense to you?

You think you are acting positively or negatively in life because you judge yourself...
Otherwise, even if another person taught you what good and bad means, when you are alone and in your thoughts, with no external influence, there would be no way to feel that s…

HAPPINESS - A little recap plus some Buddhist teachings-part 4

And it comes down to this:

Happiness is your most important life goal: know yourself wholly when alone, when others, under any situation. Work to make yourself proud. Know your motivations, your feelings. You are finally the person you are spending most of your time with (all of it) and the only person who will be with you to the end of the days. Know your feelings. Know what you like, what calms your inner beast.
Do not waste a second, those little runny drops are everything you have. Love yourself and treat yourself as if you were your only love.

Other people are there to interact or not with you. You have to understand they are independent beings, with the same capacity for feelings and actions that you have, and you are all the same no matter how you look or act, or what your background might be: everyone is created the same even though we are given different opportunities. Acknowledge the fact that other people might not share your view of things, and that this is completely acce…

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HAPPINESS - what you don't know and no one admits openly PART 3

So, this is the third uninteresting part of the topic. Time for some more insight about some things that are preconceived as right and wrong, but that really do not make any sense.

For example, influencing others. Changing their perspective or knowledge.
This is a topic that has brought hours and hours of useless information shuffling, then realizing it is more complicated than it seems.

So let's call it "inception". Yes, exactly like the movie.
The thing is we are really communicating animals. And we do say a lot. More than we should, less than we should, more poorly than we should, more intricate than we should sometimes. But the thing about communication is, there has to be a structured message that the other person has to understand with the original meaning. Otherwise, communication comes down to just a big misunderstanding. And that's what happens.

So you say something in a way and somebody understands whatever. And they have their own thoughts so did not pay at…

HAPPINESS - What they don't want you to know -part 2-

So... what happens then if you decide to ignore all ideas and concepts you had from before? When you decide to commit to your own happiness? Did you achieve it?

There is not a single way and so there should not be only a "right" way to happiness, as long as one does not hurt others. In this same way, freedom of action and freedom of thought are a good thing as long as they are positive, meaning not coming from a mean underlying goal or by mean ways, etc. What is the need to try and achieve a little portion of happiness through the suffering of others?

Encouraging negative feelings and actions (even to oneself) are always negative.This way, anything that encourages sadness, fear, rejection, etc is not helping you achieve happiness. This does not mean that you have to stay in your comfort zone just to avoid the feelings: we all have that feelings in some situations, no matter how happy we are with our lives. But the inner feeling of fear of for example, being fired from your w…